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Heavy Fog in Besnitt

Thursday, March 10th, 2011


More than 30 incoming tarns destined for Besnitt landed in Harfax between sunrise on Monday and Tuesday.

Heavy fog has covered the city since late Monday, reducing visibility to less than 100 meters Tuesday morning.

An emergency response plan had been activated by the captain of the tarn riders to cope with an influx of flights when the skies cleared.

Authorities in Besnitt also started an emergency response plan to ensure ships could sail smoothly in and out of the city’s ports when the fog lifted.

Some ships from the Vosk layed or canceled sailing plans after the harbour masters issued a heavy fog warning.

By Tuesday, more than a dozen tarns from two cities, Harfax and Esalinas had canceled flying plans.

Fog was expected to sweep most parts of the woods of Clearchus, with visibility reduced to less than 200 meters in parts of Besnitt and Harfax.