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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

public bath

[02:48] Eykis Benoir while he began to remove his clothing, slipped to fetch the flask of almond oil, the base to which she would add just a little lavendar and a little more turwood for a more masculine scent. She placed the flask down carefully and took the tunic from his hands… “Yes Master…” she folded it anyways to a careful pile and once again lifted the flask and moved to his side…

[02:51] Eykis Benoir slipped the shoulder of her camisk top off pulling it up over her head, her pert curved breasts set free. Folding that she set it aside, her thumbs hooking into the chalwar pants, sliding them down over her hips, folded too and rest beneath the table. The flask placed by his chest, se pressed her palms to the table and hopped up, her thighs splayed carefully across his own… She reaches for the flask once more, filling her palm with the sweet scent and began to warm the oil in her hands before she set them firmly to his lower back….

[02:54] Eykis Benoir spread the oil slowly and firmly, her palms either side of his spine, forcing the movement of blood towards his heart, then lifting herself she scooted forward to reach for the tense knotted muscles of his shoulders. Her hands were smile but remarkably strong, wringing the length of his shoulder slowly, working the muscle slowly beneath her palms….

[02:56] Eykis Benoir’s hand never once left contact with his skin, her movements slow, measured and fluid. Nothing rushed. Nothing unitentional. She spread she fingers across to his left shoulder, working the muscle with the same wringing motion to loosen it and allow the blood to flow freely…

[03:00] Eykis Benoir rested her forearm a moment, reaching agin for the flask and warming oil for longer this time in the heat of her hands… she began to work back down his spine, her hips curling to counter the movement of her hands… “I beg Master, that you let me know if the pressure is enough or too hard… “Her voice rather than the usual clear chime took on a soft husk, spiling gently over her lips…

[03:17] Eykis Benoir continued to spread the oil now across his lower back, the heel of her palm kneading the tight muscles supporting his lower back, bringing them down over his buttocks then back round to either side of his spine. Again not once did her hands leave his flesh, her small frame manuevered without disturbance to where it was needed….

[03:23] Eykis Benoir once more splayed her thighs, her hands shifting to the chiseled muscle of his left thigh, working the blood again up towards his heart. Her ahnds ran the full length from knee right to his hip, not cheating him out of the length of her strokes…

[03:25] Eykis Benoir trailed her hands firmly above his groin to move to his right leg, the length of stroke slow and fluid. She was thoroughly engrossed in the manipulation of his flesh, the movements as relaxing for herself as they were often found to be by those she was attentive to…

[03:31] Eykis Benoir alternated firm wringing strokes across the muscle, each one slipping higher up his thigh til the back of her hand were grazzing the soft skin at the join of his legs… she leaned forward, her breasts brushing against his upper thighs as she placed another tender kiss to the soft dip at each of his hips…

[03:38] Eykis Benoir crawled further up his body, this time resting her weight on his thighs. Gently, with long flowing strokes she began to massage the taut muscles of his belly. All the movements clockwise to aid digestion. She paused, her forearm on his belly to tip more oil into her hands, which she warmed carefully before reaching up to spread it across his chest…

[03:42] Eykis Benoir’s eyes were fixed to her hands as they moved languidly across his flesh…. “Master… what would please you?” she questioned lightly….

[03:48] Eykis Benoir’s lips curled to a smile. Perhaps he had relaxed so deeply her words no longer penetrated his consciousness. Rather than pester him, she continued to run her hands over his flesh. Now more explorative than massaging, feeling each bump and dip of his muscles, the texture of his skin….

[03:48] Yuroki Uriza: everything you did was pleasing me and you are skilled, i expected that, he murmurs, just continue your serve

[03:51] Eykis Benoir responded with her own soft murmur, the utter pleasure of simple contact of flesh filling her slave belly contentedly… “Thank you Master…”

[03:54] Yuroki Uriza: but we need to finish that soon as i am already in the mood to make you a red silk, but i want you to stay a tower slave for a while…..

[03:56] Eykis Benoir’s eyes lowered, the innocence of her touch fading as he awaoke her to the position of their bodies and closeness of their flesh… “Yes Master…” she whisper, a heated but unseen flush to her cheeks… “Perhaps it would serve your purposes to auction me Master… or as some prize for the Warriors…”

[03:57] Yuroki Uriza: …if i would find a warrior who would be good enough for you, chuckles

[03:58] Eykis Benoir tensed just a little at his chuckle, the praise she struggled with… “I am yours to use or see used as it pleases you Master… it was just perhaps a suggestion if it would help raise more interest in the


Thursday, April 28th, 2011


The Ianda Times, vol. 1, issue 5

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The Ianda Times, vol. 1, issue 5 (shorter online version)

The Ianda Times, vol. 1, issue 4

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The Ianda Times, vol. 1, issue 4 (shorter online version)