Magistrate decision on Naia

In the interest of the citizens of Landa I order the existing collar removed, from the girl known as lilou Brentle. Lady Mazzy, you are to place your collar on her and assume ownership of the girl, if she is not claimed by her owner in 1 hand. Commander you are to use all means necessary to notify your MOA, who is the owner of the girl, of this decision. If he wishes to remain owner he must return and take ownership. Of course Lady Mazzy and the owner may negoiate as sale as well. If the slave is not claimed by her owner in I hand, then Lady Mazzy will become the rightful owner of this slave”

Signed and Sealed 5th day, the 5th hand of the month of Camerious, in the year of 10172

Sherman Easterwood
Magistrate of Landa

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