High council approves several changes

The Landa High Council met recently and approved the appointment of Lady Mazzy as representative for the lower castes, on the council. She replaces Blade (Snowdrop). The Lady was also appointed as Head Slaver to advise on issues regarding slaves within the city. Neither of the positions have voting rights.

Legal basis:

4.2. Lower Castes
Lower Castes shall be represented on the council by a single non-voting representative who shall be responsible for voicing the concerns and opinions of the lower castes of the city. Said representative shall be appointed by the Administrator and serves until they step down or are dismissed and replaced by another.

2.8 Head Slaver of the City

The High Council may appoint a Head of the Slavers of the City to be responsible for the slave related issues. The Head of the Slaver Guild serves at the pleasure of the council and may be dismissed and replaced without cause.

The High Council also approved the temporary appointment of Sherman Easterwood to Ambassador of Landa.

Several laws were changed within the city. The changes made were in regards to the setup of the government, slave laws and (in OOC the safe zone time was made 5 minutes). Each person is encouraged to review the scroll to familiarize themselves with the changes.

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