SECRETS AND HONOR ~ Loose Lips Sink Tarn Ships

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Picture: Tancred’s Landing – writing the NEW VOICE OF GOR

SECRETS AND HONOR ~ Loose Lips Sink Tarn Ships

By Teal Razor, slave of Captain Siri Emerald Jr., Olni

SECRETS AND HONOR ~ Loose Lips Sink Tarn Ships

I have said previously that Gor runs on gossip. But, you must call that what it really is…”word of mouth”. Gor does not have a vast communication network. If it did, we would see scrolls passed from one citizen to another with such rapidity that everyone would know in a matter of ehn’s what “be the happ’s” all over Gor. On these scrolls would be splashed headlines like, “FREE WOMAN SLAVER SUBMITS!”, or “HIGHEST PAID FOR SLUT AT AUCTION”, and “UBARITE LEARNS OF COVER UP”. It is a tempting thought, to be informed.

I must say, however, there is something to be said for stopping information of a poisonous nature. Stopping the communication, before it starts, would prevent any detrimental news from antagonizing the public.

Think about this, a slave sees or hears something and passes this information on to another in casual conversation. This information titillates the ear of the other slave and consequently this titillated slave then tells everyone she meets of this fact; since she thinks it is a juicy tidbit. Even though the fact that Master Butticus has been frequenting the Zar tables may sound inconsequential to one person, to the “Companion” of Master Butticus, it is a devastating insight as to why their fortunes are fast disappearing. She will find out that her companion has been wagering on games in which his losses out weigh his gains.

I have been privy to many of these well meaning communiqués. My problem has been whether to speak or write of these things. Mostly, after revealing these “sound bites”, I have come to find it is better to keep my “trap” shut.

To this end I employ the “code of silence” which dictates the cover-up of family business and the non-aggravation of authorities. It also begs non-interference in the affairs of others. This is not a code I come by easily. I believe it takes years of practice or being whipped for opening your mouth inappropriately.

On an odd note, I did witness a free woman being asked to leave a tavern by a warrior. It seemed a comedy of errors. Now I have to decide whether telling you that will cause Gor War 3, or whether my mouth is just flapping in the breeze.

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 171

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