For those who don’t know here is a brief history of the Newspapers having used the name known throughout the lands as “VOICE OF GOR”. This Newspaper began it’s life as The Vonda Voice and was some time later renamed the VOICE OF GOR.

In 2009 after the fall of Vonda it moved it’s offices to the City of Olni and published it’s last issue (132) in 2012.

In contrast the NEW VOICE OF GOR formally known as the Landa Times (2011) began life after volume two, issue 72 of the “Times” and has since moved it’s offices to Tancred’s Landing.

And so comes a new era as the NEW VOICE OF GOR takes the original title “VOICE OF GOR”. The VOICE OF GOR continues to bring you the latest Gor-wide news, articles and writings gathered by our writers or sent to our offices.

Caprus Scarian, staff and scribe of the VOICE OF GOR

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