Memorial Lucy Bronet, Ubara of Olni

memorial Lucy Bronet Olni

Many known and lesser known Goreans took part in the memorial for Lucy Bronet, Ubara of Olni, and paid her their last respects: Jarek SpiritWeaver, Ubar of Olni, Verona Lorgsval, Kaiila Mahoney, Melita (taylor.schroeder), Ray Lobo Tolnus (nevar.lobo) ,Heimfjord Rune Priest, Maloverra Whitesong, slaver, Black Ort, Koh Gausman, Master Assassine, Triad Fallen, killer, Obsidian (thom.podlum), Master Assassine, Fjölşviör Törvaldşön (eliphas.maktoum), Green Cliffs Chief, Augustus Bade from Turmus, Kama Maertens, scribe of Koroba, Saryn (saryn.tedeschi), Ubara of Sais and Nicholas Eel, Skuld Forkbeard (charly.snowfield) from Torvaldsland, Juicy Bamaisin, Tatrix of Tharna, Myrddin (drizantlar.veriander, Whip Radio Broadcaster), Fidelio Matador, Administrator of Ar, Rayn Courtenay (rayn.yedmore), warrior of Geela, Tariq ibn Joshao al Samini (kitten.serpente), Initiate of the Oasis of Two Scimitars, Chang Chayoo (changqang.chayoo) and мαηα νøη мєtвøгg (pitu.pearl) from Axe, Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza), merchant of the Oasis of Lame Kaiila and his slave Blanca, famous Kaissa and Zar players, Collin Daines, Ubar of Genesian Port and several citizens, Lady Mae Leidolf El Congo (maevao.etchegaray) from the Oasis of Tashid, Dingo of Ko-ro-ba (dingo.night), Regent of Ko-Ro-Ba, merchants from Telnus, people from Woods of Clearchusand from the Plains and more…

[Lucy Bronet died December 15th from complications related to a surgery. She had a aortic valve replaced then died the following Friday on 12/15.]

memorial Lucy Bronet Olni

[13:46] Jarek SpiritWeaver: We companioned in July of 2010. We had taken on a bigger role in leadership in Olni already. Eric had to depart due to RL. I became Ubar in December 2010 with Lucy at my side. Partners in many ways. I fell in love with the woman. Here in sl, RL…

[13:52] Jarek SpiritWeaver: Lucy went to the hospital at the beginning of December for what should have been a difficult but routine procedure. Things did not go as planned. She battled hard, never quit. She had her moments of being…frustrated with it all. The first time I saw her she said “take me home’ and I said babe I can’t and she said “shit”.

[13:54] Jarek SpiritWeaver: We found out after a surgery that what was going on was not survivable.- She left on her own time and terms at 4:10 am December 15, 2023. I told her daughter that right now there are literally HUNDREDS of people all over the world mourning your mom. This is truly what a mark she left on us all

memorial Lucy Bronet Olni

[14:06] Lark (discovering.destiny): I’ve been part of SL and our Gorean RP community now for well over 15 years. It was in the early days that I first met Lucy, but did not know her well. Then in about 2015, after the death of another friend, I took over the duties of leading the RFL Jail & Bails (on my brutish assassin character) along with Mexli. Lucy was one of our strongest supporters and it was quite simply a given that we would launch Jail & Bail each year in Olni. During the next several years, I came to know Lucy more and more. She was someone I called friend, someone I respected, and someone I could always call on when there was a need. One such time was when she joined me to attend a funeral for the infant child of one of our friends here in SL. It was as if two friends who had known each other for many many years were coming together in support of another. Lucy was there to give of herself for the comfort of the parents. She was someone who united others and gave of herself without hesitation. No one will be able to
[14:06] Lark (discovering.destiny): fill her shoes … ever.

[14:06] Lark (discovering.destiny): Jarek, my heart goes out to you for your relationship with Lucy was not the typical SL relationship. It was deeper and crossed well into the real world. I wish I could mend what I know is a deeply broken heart. For now, I can only say that you have friends here who are ready to assist you and I hope you will take full advantage of that support.

[14:07] Lark (discovering.destiny): And for Lucy’s family … I offer my deepest condolences. Lucy was one in a million, a fact I am sure you are all well aware of. I hope that we can all join together in celebrating her life even in the midst of heartache. And I hope that we will all be able to remember our friend as the dynamic, loyal, kind, and giving woman she was.[14:07] Lark (discovering.destiny): Finally, I would like to share a J.R.R Tolkien quote. “No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it… White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.” I believe Lucy’s journey has transformed and that those who love her will see her again on those white shores and in the green country.
[14:07] Lark (discovering.destiny): Here’s to you, Lucy!!

[14:19] Kaiila Mahoney: Lucy Bonet, a force to be reckoned with, A free woman, a scribe, sim owner, a dedicated relayer and a friend. She read to us every Friday on the Whip, We learned Gor from her, with the news our hearts took a dip. So many people told me she was their first, First owner, first to teach them of caste, the first to welcome them to Gor. She was our inspiration, a storyteller at heart, A tremendous friend with a knack for knowing just when you needed a friend.

[14:20] Kaiila Mahoney: She was so consistent that we all could depend, On Olni being there, and we could always find a friend that cared. Many have passed through these gates with Merve standing guard, We knew Lucy would defend us, her love for us never marred.

She also knew how to scold us with that touch of class, That showed in truth she really cared, and we knew it would pass. We were all lucky to know this great lady, I celebrate her with all of you, knowing she is with us in spirit and memory.

I stand here today with many family and friends knowing this story ends, but deep inside she will be here cheering us on still near.

[14:20] Kaiila Mahoney: Knowing the story So today we rejoice not at the loss, But the opportunity to have known her and the adventures we had. Lucy Bonet, you will always be remembered, For the love and kindness you shared.

[14:22] Kama Maertens: First time I met Lucy was when she came first in SL Gor back in 2008.
Back then there was the “Salerian Confederation” where I was Chief Scribe of the City of Ti. She wanted to become a scribe and Jarvis Quan sent her to me to take lessons.
With the disappearance of the confederation our paths drifted apart. But we never lost sight of each other. In the years that followed Lucy became fan of Kaissa and Zar, and she sponsored many tournaments in the great Olni.

Every now and then in our Gorean World someone comes a long with the ability to lead ..and Inspire
Lucy was someone like that. It started with a small ripple but she build it to strong current.
It began with a a small step and she never let others stand in her path and her vision for her belief in Gor and the City of Olni. Lady Lucy, Ubara of Olni, She was a force in Gor, she will be greatly missed.

My condolences go out to her RL Family, her Gorean Family, the citizen of Olni and all that loved her..

[14:24] Cooper Galena (bobthedishwasher): My words are for Jarek: You stood with me when mine was taken in real life, and now I stand with you. I shall miss Lucy. They are never truly gone, they are always with us, past pain and tears, their voices deep in our thoughts and memories. Walk in her light, listen to her voice, and trust me when I say, that with time the pain is lessened, and the memories brightest in our eyes. She is with you, she loves you, she is not gone, she simply walks in your mind, and waits to join you in a better place.

memorial Lucy Bronet Olni

[14:25] Rapture (rapture.enchantment): Many know me, and some do not, what most do not know is that I met Lucy whilst she was part of Tampica, and the whole big group she was part of there with Geordi Indigo, Cleo Heiss, and many others. I was a slave at first there when I first came in there, and I met her as such, she helped me to set up the market there in Tampica, I redid their market for them, and helped it become a success, and then later on I was Freed, and she presided over my Manumission papers, she became a good friend to me, and I was later on years later part of a big administrative team with her, I continued on that team, with her councelling for peace with so many issues. She was a great administrator. So it is with fond memories that I recall that many years ago I was a FC and a Physician in this very city with a man named Apolo, it was a long time ago I do not remember his full name, but I do remember the happy times. There were a great many of them, and Lucy on your Journey to the Wide Blue Wonder and the beautiful Heaven, know…

[14:25] Rapture (rapture.enchantment): that you are missed, and we regarded you with the greatest respect. Your knowledge, your candidacy, your beauty inside, will be missed by all, and you will be missed by me too. I love you. You were a bright light for us all! Thank you for being a part of my Second Life.

[14:31] Anisa (ritzy.starfall): For those of you who think Gor is dead… this is your answer — it’s not dead we are all here on several sims celebrating the life of a Mistress we all loved…

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