Exchange Point of the Oasis of Klima

exchange Point Oasis of Klima

The Exchange Point of the Oasis of Klima has been looted and set on fire by bandits. Almost all buildings are destroyed. There are still food reserves in the oasis. But the situation will become critical if no caravans can deliver more.

The Salt Ubar and the Southern Trade Alliance are planning a heavily armed expedition very soon.

One of the major sites within the Tahari for obtaining salt are the brine pits of Klima. Klima is hidden deep within the dune country and its location is closely guarded. It is located roughly southeast of the Oasis of the Battle of Red Rock and the Salt Ubar’s kasbah. Similar pits exist in other parts of the dune country and their location is equally as secret.

Kaiila are not permitted at Klima, even for the guards. There is a well there but no other water for about a thousand pasangs. Though Klima has its own water supply, it is dependent for food on caravans. Such food is delivered to scouted areas some pasangs from the compounds where salt slaves will retrieve them up later.

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