A peasant has come to the aid of the city in a dark hour! Landa has discovered Gold! And Copper! The city which has been dependent on others for a supply of these vital minerals will now be self-sufficient, and a peasant is to thanked.

The discovery was revealed by the city administration yesterday. A peasant citizen of Landa made the discovery of a pretty stone while chasing a bosk that had escaped. After bringing it home, he learned it was placer gold, washed down by rivers from its source. Advised of its value, he patriotically informed the city.

A team of miners and explorers have found the source and preparations are underway for mining and extraction. In a stroke of fortune, ore in the vicinity has been shown to contain both copper and gold, an unusual combination.

A city spokesman, in a prepared statement said: “In a time of war, as this is, such a discovery gives Landa a new weapon. Our supply of critical materials is no longer subject to the disloyalty of others.”

For security reasons, the location of the lode and the identity of the peasant are being withheld at this time.

by Awerdenty, scribe in Landa

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