New Administration in Landa

The former administrator and ubar in times of war, sends kind regards and great thanks to all citizens who supported him during his long reign. However all good things come to an end and now he needs to concentrate on different things at the moment.

I want to say a big thank you to all the warriors who helped defeat the allied armies of our enemies during the times of war. Our caste achieved great things, although no one expected that. It is these deeds which bought honor to our homestone.

We have good people in town, and only a few things will change. I trust Sherman as new administrator fully, because he was administrator before I came to landa (April 2001 barbarian calendar).

I know if we all get behind him he will lead us to a powerful Landa.

Rarius Yuroki,
Head builder and head of the yellow caste of Landa,
editor of the Ianda Times,
former Admin and Ubar of Landa

As we announced already, Landa is going through some changes.

Yuroki has stepped down and is the Head Builder. Since he is a wonderful builder, we are pleased to have him in that role. He will also continue the Landa Times and the HoY bank.

Sherman has accepted his position as Admin once again and will be working hard to move Landa into a positive direction.

We will need your help as well. I hope our citizens who have not been here in quiet some time, may want to look in again.

Lady Dez

The Honorable Admin of Landa, Sir Yuroki, has stepped down and wishes to work as Head Builder of Landa. I have once again taken on the position of Admin on a temporary basis, until Council choses to vote it permanently.

Sherman Easterwood

I feel a few words of thanks are necessary.
I would like to thank Yuroki for his loyalty to Landa, for his time and for all the hard work he has put into the city.
He build most of the buildings. He build the tunnels, he also landscaped both sims. He created the news paper and the bank. All this, while recruiting and running a city. One will be hard pressed to find a man so devoted to the task before him.
Thank you Yuroki. We appreciated your hard work and we are happy you will remain with us.

Lady Dez

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