The Decision


“The walls were crowded, and I supposed many upon them used the long glasses of the Caste of Builders to observe the field of the stakes.” (Nomads of Gor, Book 4, Page 113)


After an earthquake below the mighty Thassa, a massive Tsunami rose up in the ocean as it came closer to Landa the sea retreated. Yuroki knew what was happening having seen one before he shouted his girls and they ran for the high ground the wave when it hit shook the island.

As the water drained back he was left with only two girls a third had perished, swept into the boiling maelstrom left behind as the wave retreated.

A corner of landa was destroyed the buildings were washed away, some trees and the hills were all that remained of this once beautiful scenic corner.

Looking about himself he thought he had angered the priest kings in some way and he must make amends, if he was not to follow his beautiful slave to the cities of dust.

He went to the main city not one stone had been damaged the buildings were untouched. The crowd welcomed him fearing he had been drowned Pray to the priestkings citizens he commanded.

Yuroki then went immediately to the temple prayed to the priest kings. Feeling saddened by this tragedy. Firstly he prayed for forgiveness, then gave thanks for the saving of the great city. Slowly he then walked to were his slaves waited on the terrace sat down and began to ponder the future.

In the warm sunshine he dozed, as he slept he had a vision: the kajirae held his hands. “Master master” they called thinking their master was ill. Startled awake, it was then he made his decision He almost ran to his office to make his plans. Notes were sent to the ruling class he would relinquish the Administrator and all the other officers he held. He would go back to his first love the builders caste. There was a lot of rebuilding to do after the tsunami so with compasses, dividers and square he set to work on the plans. The vision he had been given by the priest king as he dozed on the terrace was to become a reality.

written by Bee

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