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Kitty cleaned the inn – all levels

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

kitty walks through the empty city to the inn, her naked body shivers in the cold morning breeze but the air is fresh and clear and she inhales deep and enjoys the beauty of nature. As she enters the inn she looks around what she will have to clean today. She inspects all three levels and takes the cleaning utensils that are needed for a housecleaning.

She begins at the upper level and collects all the furs and places them outside on the docks to beat them later. Then she airs the beds and dusts all the furniture in the rooms with fresh rep clothes. She works top-down and nearly pants from climbing the stairs. Then she takes a bucket filled with water from the near by bath, soap flakes, a scrub brush, and a rep cloth.

She drops gracefully to her knees and sprinkles some soap flakes on the floor, she dunks the brush into the bucket and sloshes out a bit of water onto the floor. with a smile, she begins to softly sing as she scrubs. Kitty’s arms continue to work the brush to and fro across the floor, her body glistening both from the work and the water. she pushes the bubbles this way and that, rinsing the dirt from the brush every so often, pushing her red mane back over her shoulders.

She cleans the floors on all levels thiroughly, moving outward from the middle in a circle, as her song continues, her body moves to an unheard music.. sometimes fast and exciting.. at others slow and enticing.. and yet, at others sad and depressing.. the girl works away the time.

As the floors on all levels are clean she carries the bucket outside and with a “splash” kitty rinses out the bucket, washes out the brush and the rep, and returns them to their places. She still sings her heart out as she works.. expressing all the love, joy, and pleasure she feels at being allowed to serve in such a wonderful city.

Then she beats the rugs, places them back and makes the beds, fluffing them up and placing them nicely back so that the rooms will please the eyes of the Free. Brushing soft curls from her face she gazes about the now cleaned rooms and with a bright smile she turns and leaves the inn wakling back to the kennel.