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Proclamation of the Alar

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Recently a Man, born on the back of his scaled and writhing steed, did ride his beast masterfully and boldly into the very heart of many cities of Gor, staying the anxious Thalarion and gathering air to his great lungs for a blast of deep and rich proclamation. “Hear, all! The Chieftain of the great and mighty Alar, demigod among men, is rumored to be having a child this day! A son of the greatest lineage! Let fly the voice of cheer! Quake ye hearts with happy trembling! Feast on the fatted young bosks that are without blemish! Jaym will accept all worthy gifts of homage at his gate and all words of adulation will be recieved with condescension.” With that he would inhale deeply, speak to his mount, and ride with the speed of one spurred by urgency. It would, of course, be a strange sight and sound to behold, and one that might be tinged with deeper meaning.