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Arrest Warrant

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The Magistrate of Besnitt has authorized the immediate arrest of:

Name: Relius Rhiannyr

Last known whereabouts: Unkown


All Warriors, Guards, and Officials of Besnitt are hereby ordered to detain the aforementioned person and keep them under guard until they can be brought before a Magistrate or the Council to face charges. All assets of said person may be seized and held by the City until the accused has been presented before a Magistrate or the Council where upon their disposal will be decided by the City.

Brief Description of Charge
Charge 1: Trying to poison the city by deciet.
Charge 2: Impersonating a represnative of the Psyscians caste

(CITY) Law: (this sites the law that may have been broken)
1 – Relius Rhiannyr, came into the city and claimed to represent Lady Kaiila of Physcians caste of Gor. Said maan offered an antidote to the city as he had info we ould be attacked and poisened. Due to the timely vigalance of our Green staff, we found that the antidote was actually Ost venom. We wre saved by the good work of our Greens, my hat is off to them.

Document prepared by; Victor Lufbery
Scarlet Caste Title: Magistrate
City :Besnitt
Date: twelfth month first hand, in the Year 10162 Contasta Ar
Document not valid unless Magistrate Seal shown below.