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A She Urt in Besnitt

Friday, February 11th, 2011

[08:54] Fianah Mistwood walks to the wall and smiles and nods lifting her hand as well. “Oi Tal there sir.” She sinks down on the ground settling in rubbing at some grime on the back of her hand with a smirk. “How are ya today?”

[08:56] Fianah Mistwood reaches into the bag and pulls out a bit of poor man’s bread, she looks down at it and breaks off the moldy bits and pitches them down the way for the Urts to eat and then bites into it her eye wincin as she chews the hard tak

[08:58] Fianah Mistwood grumbles and looks at him. “Who am I gonna get clean fer? Someone gonna take me home dust me up?” She laughs loudly and shakes her head. “Nahhhh thanks t hough.” She goes back to ganawing on the hard tack. “I ai n’t got nufin no one is intrested in.”

[09:00] Fianah Mistwood looks down the alleyway and flinds a stone in her bread and she moves the stone around in her mouth and spits it out with great skill and acuracy raching a finger into the back of her mouth to dislodge somet hing, she pulls back her finger and looks at it and then looks at yoroki with apuzzle expression.

[09:01] Fianah Mistwood shrugs and nods. “Fia, that’s it nothin fancy.” She bites into her hard tack again. “Just havin somfin to eat before I move on.”

[09:04] Fianah Mistwood wipes some crumbs off her lips and loks down at her grimy hand and starts to lick up the crums hungrly

Snatched away

Friday, February 11th, 2011

The quiet of the docks can still be dangerous. Getting lost in reading only to realize there is a Master towering over, demanding this girl to come with him. Eyeing the bell that now seemed so out of reach as she is guided to the ship, eyes despareatly searching the empty docks. Lips open to yell, but what words to shout… the quiet seemed almost deafening to her. His stern eyes upon her as he tosses coins to the Captain, pointing to a destination on the map. She having no idea what their destination was, as fearful eyes watch the docks pull away into the distance. Arriving a bit later at a cold and snowy dock. Yanked from the boat, she scurries to keep up, eyes flickering about her at the foreign surroundings. Walking through the cold seemed to last for ages as they weaved from one path to another. Her mind trying to memorize her surroundings, to prepare for a quick escape should she have the chance. Hoping foolishly that he would not secure her in such a way that escape would be difficult, if not impossible.

She listens, with fear, to his words as she kneels before the Master in his home. Happy to be away from the cold but anxious and fearful at his claims and wish of her ownership. Her mind races from here to there… considering his words to her. Dark eyes studying the room about her, for any possibility of escape. Scowling down to her hands, her thoughts scolding… ‘Foolish girl… for allowing the opportunity to be stolen. Now here you sit, plotting an escape from this cold place instead of kneeling on a warm dock among scrolls. Surely not to be found pleasing by your Master and Mistress upon their discovery that you are now missing. Foolish girl… now think of something!’

bree, slave of Zar, warrior of Besnitt