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A White Silk Was Found Dead

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Rumor spreading among the slaves is that young a white silk was found dead with her hair cut off after returning to Besnitt seeking help. The white silk was found murdered in the grove out side the city near the water falls with a single knife wound to the back.

Sales of City Slaves

Monday, February 14th, 2011

The following recent sales of city slaves have been recorded

Kitty (Kitty Lowenhar) sold to RobertB Baxter, Warrior for 2 Silver and sundries
Bree (Bree Fadlan) sold to Zar (surreal Zarco) and his Free Companion Rose (RoseMarie Ravenheart) for 3 silver tarn
nia (niala Rexen) sold to Warrior Tristan (TristanHawk Audeburgh) for 2 silver tarn
azah ( Mikaela Coy ) sold to Head Scribe of Besnitt Starbuck827 Zessinthal for 1 gold tarn
cali (Callie Fireguard) sold to Tavern Keeper Frosty Soulstar for 1 silver and sundries

A slave boy ali (ChinaEagle Langer ) will be for sale this week, anyone interested should see the Head Slaver Erick Gundersen
He is Literate, and has been trained in serving, baths. He also has some training in use of the bow. He would make a fine silk slave or possible a guard or fighting slave for a Free Woman or a household.

New city slaves aquired :
seema (Ashanti Seetan) red silk untrained
leeloo (maria rainfall) red silk semi trained
lana (Elaine Ferryhill) white silk untrained
keely (kiera Kyrie) red silk untrained
fahima (starlight Ember
ela (ellie qarnac) red silk – semi trained
alu (Aluen Luik) red silk – semi trained
mia (Miaow Kit) – trained
fia (fey falconer) – trained
emma (Missie Mimulus) red silk semi trained

ali (chinaeagle langer) trained kajurus