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Trade Report from Turia

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

So far I have a trade agreement with Turia. We will get gold and silver from them. I am also looking for their tem wood too. I will be able to sell it on the way and pay part of the caravan costs.

I got the initial arrangements fror copper supply from Torcadilo. I will attend the FC of the slave master there. He who was one of my contacts in my information network I used to keep before becoming a bank and a trader.

Right now, my caravan has:
black pepper
cayenne pepper
purple verminium perfume oil for hand washing
ka-la-na root
ka-la-na wine
kanda leaves
kanda root
green paga
green herbal powder
capture scent

I fly by tarn. The caravan goes slowly on kaiila back. Two 20 talu barrels on each beast. I might split the caravan if I need to go two different places. I still keep some of my trade goods in the vicinities of Kasra – where I still have a villa by the Lower Fayeen margin.

Hope my messenger reaches you safely, so word of my whereabouts in known.

Under the Three Moons of Gor

Saturday, February 5th, 2011