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Besnitt Free Woman’s Society

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Trish McMahon is in the process of starting a Free Woman’s Society. Trish has several ideas and looking to work with all Free Woman on starting on activities and events for all citizens, and not just the gossip and tea. She is looking for all Free Woman of this city to join this group. Contact her to be added to this group.

Kitty cleans the floor

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

kitty awakes on this sunny day with a smile on her face, feeling joy to be in this city, being allowed to serve and have fun with her sisters. Then she remembers her daily chores and that she has to clean today the city floors. Its the first time that she has to do this and she does not know exactly what is meant. She walks upstairs to inspect the city.

As she stands at the stairhead she gasps: “That is unbelievable that one slave must clean all the floors here in the city. She will need two days to do it properly.” She walks through the city to measure with help of her little feet the extent. As she looks helplessly around, her eyes catch an old bakery paddle standing in the corner of the bakery that is no longer usable because the handle is broken. She takes it with her to the tearoom and takes the sharp knife that still lays on the counter and starts to cut four round discs off the handle. The rest of it she cuts into two halfs.

kitty bites her lower lips as she thinks hard how she can put all the things together, suddenly she remembers what she has seen when cleaning the trade store. So she runs to the docks with all the stuff and laughs as she finds some nails and a hammer in the corner behind the spice barrels. She fastens the wooden cross bars under the paddel and then at the end of each bar she fastens the round wooden discs. She looks very concentrated as she works and the tip of her rosy tongue licks the right corner of her mouth. ((dont ask how i did that or if it will work :)) ))

Her eyes glisten and her heart beats fast as she walks outside to the docks and places the rolling board on the planks. She steps with one foot on it and with the other foot she pushes, and …..Whoopee !!! Get a move on!! Her laughter fills the air and scares the sea gulls who start to scream even louder.

Then she hurries to the city and takes a broom, stands on the skating board as she rolls over the city floors, sweeping them clean. Then she places buckets filled with fresh water at several corners of the city, binds a big rag round the broom and dips it in the bucket, then again she rolls over the city floors, mopping them and singing sailor songs, at each corner she washes the broom covered with a rag in one of the buckets she has placed there and mops a new section.

As she has cleaned all the city floors she rolls a lap of honour on her board as she smiles brightly how funny this chore was.

House of Yuroki Bank Branch in Klima

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Bank of Klima

The House of Yuroki Bank – which is working under licence from of the city of Besnitt – opened a new branch in the Oasis of Klima. Drakkon and Coban, merchants of Klima, have been hired as bankers. Yuroki’s younger brother Raschid (picture) runs the bank.

Picture below: Bank owner Yuroki talking with his brother Raschid

Bank of Klima

The Inns’ Menu

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The Inns’ Menu:

*Simple Gorean tea, Blackwine and fresh water from our city well are available all day*

Breakfast: served between 0400:1100 slt
Sausages made from bosk meat
Sausages made from verr meat
Vulo eggs
Fresh sa-tarna bread with bosk butter

Porridge made from bosk milk with cherry jam, yellow sugar or honey

Fresh sa-tarna bread with honey

Fresh fruit:
apricots, larma (unpeeled and on a plate!), chilled Celane melon

Brunch: served between 1100:1200 slt
Simple Gorean tea with
sa-tarna bread buttered with bosk butter and cherry jam
Sa-tarna bread buttered with verr butter and slices of cold
verr meat

Lunch: served between 1200:1500 slt

Steamed or fried:
Cosian Wingfish fresh from our Thassa waters
served with onions, cabbage, radishes, fresh peppers and sea salt, and sa-tarna dumplings.


Baked Sul with beans and melted bosk cheese

Tea served between 1500:1800 slt

Kailiauk Bisquits (made by mia, formerly of Kailiauk)
with thick slices of Bosk Cheese


Chocolate cake fresh from our Bakery

Dinner: served between 1800:2000 slt
Turnip and Sul soup with warmed sa-tarna bread with bosk butter



Roasted Bosk with sul , peas and gravy


Dessert: served between 1800:2100
Ramberry pudding
Sweet pastry with a cherry centre, glazed in white sugar

Supper: 2100:0000 slt

Hot chocolate with

Fork- Toasted sa-tarna bread with melted cheese
Sweet cinnamon roll from our city Bakery

Food for Slaves:
Gruel made from grain, available at 6am, 12 noon and 6pm in a trough at the back of the Inn

Besnitt Tavern Menu

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The Tavern Menu

Today’s fresh ingredients include sul, kes, cabbage, and carrots, seasoned with hot peppers, and served with freshly baked warmed sa-tarna rolls.

Bosk Ale Pie;
Bosk meat soaked in ale, cooked in meaty gravy and wrapped in thick shortcrust served with sul and peas

Thick cut Verr steak with fried sul
served with katch (lettuce), corn and mushrooms, garnished with fresh herbs and ground peppers

Fish Stew
made up of steamed cosian wingfish, smoked sorp, and pumpkin, peas and warmed sa-tarna bread spread thickly with rich verr butter

larma and apricot suet pudding, made with sa-tarna flour and bosk suet fat served with whipped bosk cream

Ramberry tart
a fruity mix of ramberries and cherries, served with vanilla custard

Fresh Fruit available today
Larma, melons, cherries, grapes and nuts.